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You’ve set your goal. Something worthy that will benefit you at the time of its completion. You’re feeling inspired and bursting with visions of your ideal self, but you can’t seem to get started. Regardless of your rationalization, there’s something that can be done.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

I’ll tell you what held me back:

Getting my second wind after an already busy day at work.

This had been an excuse I told myself so that I could avoid the guilt that goes along with procrastinating.

Do you focus on how your goals will negatively impact you’re daily schedule or the benefit it will reward to you?

Here are 4 practical ways to help you get going and to feel great about your goals again.

1. Push the Reset Button

There are no perfect conditions to start.

It’s by putting off our noble pursuits that we feel behind and frustrated with our circumstance.

Here’s how to snap back into that ideal goal-getting state:

Forgive yourself. Grant yourself a fresh start. So, go ahead and push your reset button.

Next, we’ll create a quick list of 5 simple action steps to get ahead.

2. Five Simple Action Steps

The idea is to get back into the groove. The sweet spot where inspiration meets motivation.

Your first action step will be practical but powerful enough to gain ground.

For example, I’m working on a fitness goal to improve my ability to perform push ups.

That’s 100 repetitions in one set.

My first action step is to perform 51 repetitions in one set on day one.

Perhaps you’re looking to start your career in your field. A great example is to make an appointment for informational interviews. Booking the appointment is the action step itself.

Something small but true to your goal.

Action step two will build on the first. Using our above example, a follow up action step would be something like researching the company and industry and preparing a list of questions to ask the interviewer.

In terms of fitness, this is a bit easier. Increase the amount of repetitions performed in one set during each scheduled day of your routine. Or to increase the amount of weight used.

You get the picture.

Take 10 minutes to research what’s required of you to get that promotion or weight goal you’re after. Five small actionable steps will give you clarity on what needs to get done.

Creating your 5 action steps should take about 10 – 15 minutes.

3. Perform Simple Action Step #1

No time like the present, right?

Put your first action step behind you.

Execute immediately… or at the next available opportunity.

You’ll sleep better!

There are many benefits to gain from taking immediate action. Here are three to be gained by conquering your first simple action step now:

  1. Gain confidence in your ability to get things done
  2. Gain confidence in your ability to be productive instead of procrastinating
  3. Gain clarity as to your next steps with renewed excitement

You may not have time to finish your first action step which is understandable. Life happens. Give yourself 10 full minutes of work toward completing this action step. Force this part if you have to. Set a timer.


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Circling back to “resetting the clock”, try closing with the following tip:

If you’re struggling to get traction on your goals, remember why you chose your goal to begin with.

4. Remember Your Motivations

Visualize the ideal result of achieving your goal. Be childlike in your daydreaming here.

Recite the ways in which achieving your goal will improve your life. An example of this is to eliminate credit card debt in six months so that you gain the ability to grow your net worth, reduce stress and gain control of your personal finances.

Do you remember that feeling of inspiration when you conceived your bright and shiny goal?

Whatever your motivations, this method of getting started to achieving your goals can be quite powerful. Feel great about who you are to become and how your life can transform.

Enjoy the freedom to pursue your goals and to develop in your personal and professional lives. Have fun with your five actions steps.

Q: How do you get traction to achieve your goals? Leave a comment!

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